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340 Price Guide is a customized, entity specific publication available to Federally Qualified Health Centers, Disproportionate Share Hospitals, Indian Health Services and other health organizations that are eligible for the 340B drug discount program. More than just a cost list, the 340B Price Guide helps entities interpret and understand the ever changing drug prices in the 340B "market" and how those prices not only impact the entity financially but patient care as well.


Guided Services

340B Price Guide, LLC. offers independent 340B consulting for covered entities seeking expertise and guidance for their 340B program. Every covered entity’s executive staff and decision maker should keep proper management of their 340B program top of mind.  Subtle yet critical decision points pave the 340B road for every type of organization participating in 340B.  Ensuring and implementing 340B best practices can have lasting benefits for the covered entity and help in the health outcomes for those most in need. 

340B Price Guide, LLC and partners have assisted many covered entities from small stand alone Federally Qualified Health Centers to Hospital Health Systems. We welcome any inquiry you may have. 










Client Testimonials

"The 340B Price Guide is excellent. I use it every day in my practice. I think it saves a lot of time trying to figure out if a patient can afford therapy or not before they go to the pharmacy. The 340B program tremendously helps patients get affordable meds. This price guide helps us docs navigate it with ease! We love it! Thank you!"
Marvin Roman, M.D.
Family Practice
Northwest Human Services, Salem, Oregon

"The 340B Price Guide really helps me see the savings my patients will realize when they use our contracted pharmacy. I had no idea that certain brand name drugs are actually LESS than the generic. Thank you for keeping me up to date on all the price changes that occur during the month. I couldn’t imagine trying to sort this out myself.”
Kylie Fonteno, PA-C
Physician Assistant
Northwest Human Services, Salem, Oregon


“The 340B Price Guide is excellent and has been very helpful for us in communicating to our staff and our physicians the 340B program.
I want to thank you for all your help and keeping in touch” .
David Homyk
Vice President of Human Resources
Beaufort Memorial Hospital
Beaufort, SC


The 340B Drug Pricing Program is managed by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Office of Pharmacy Affairs (OPA). For more information visit: www.hrsa.gov/opa This material is provided for general informational purposes of 340B Drug Prices only and is not an endorsement of any prescription product referenced herein. For information as to the clinical use or efficacy of a referenced product, please contact the manufacturer. 340B Price Guide makes no representations and provides no warranties as to the effectiveness or suitability for use of any prescription product referenced herein. Any referenced cost is provided as an estimate only and the actual cost is subject to change at any time and without notice. 340B Price Guide does not guarantee that the cost represented herein will be the actual and pharmacy shall at all times collect amounts due as indicated at the time of adjudication and shall be reimbursed per the terms of its agreement.'