Basaglar no longer covered through Pacific Source and Trillium.

Basaglar (insulin glargine) will no longer be covered through Pacific Source(2/1/24) and Trillium (4/1/24).  Alternative covered glargine formulations are Lantus and Rezvoglar.  Encourage your patients to choose Lantus when switching from Basaglar. Lantus also has favorable 340B pricing.

Pacific Source Community Solution 2024 Insulin Change


Covered Now 

Must be switched to by 2/15 

Conversion considerations  

Long acting 


Rezvoglar(insulin glargine-aglr)  




Insulin degludec 

Consider insulin degludec U200 insulin for patients on 60 units/day or more. This will allow for a lower volume to be injected and for continuation of once daily dosing as this pen dials to 160units. Of note,  U200 insulin pen dials in 2 unit increments. Insulin degludec has a longer half life, and missed doses can be injected late as long as there is 8 hrs until the next dose.

As a reminder, basal insulin dosing should be capped at 0.5units/kg or FBG goal, whichever occurs first, to avoid overbasalization.

A 20% dose reduction if switching to insulin degludec if patient currently controlled or at risk for hypoglycemia. After initial dose reduction, titrating back up may be necessary depending on response. 

  • Basaglar cannot be changed automatically by the pharmacy to Rezvoglar or Lantus


Reported by:

Sara Jones, Pharm D.

Consulting Pharmacist

Northwest Human Services



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